Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium

From the Program Lead: a strong finish to 2017

29 January 2018

I am pleased to inform you that the Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium made a strong finish to 2017 and is ready to start 2018 with motivation and enthusiasm.

The African-led TIBA partnership: tackling neglected diseases

29 January 2018

Image: TIBA in South Africa

Interview with Professor Francisca Mutapi, Edinburgh University

The ambitious African-led £7 million ‘Tackling Infections to Benefit Africa’ (TIBA) partnership has just been launched,...

A story of schistosomiasis infection in Ghana

A story of schistosomiasis infection in Ghana.
Video credit: Shelly Xie


Our vision is to reduce the global disease burden of schistosomiasis by addressing the medical need of infected preschool-age children including infants and toddlers.

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Our mission is to develop, register and provide access to a suitable pediatric praziquantel formulation for treating schistosomiasis in preschool-age children.

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Development program

Soon after its formation, the consortium established a pediatric drug development program, divided into two major steps: preclinical development, and clinical development.

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The pediatric formulation

A new child-appropriate praziquantel formulation is essential for treating children under 6 years of age. This formulation that aims to use small, orally dispersible tablets with an acceptable taste. 

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