Access and delivery

Nadia Ben Meriem

Nadia is an experienced Global Health Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Public Health focusing her research on health systems strengthening. Prior to that she completed a Master’s degree in Public Health for Eye Health, a Diploma in International Cooperation and a Bachelor’s in Biology. She is a French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic speaker with very strong existing research and development networks; a passion for sustainability, focusing on partnerships and health systems development; and working knowledge of neglected tropical diseases. For her role at SCI Foundation, she focuses this experience on developing an evidence-based sustainable systems strategy in line with current best practice within the development community and champion the adoption of this strategy across all the organization’s programmes, with endemic country partners and with key relevant stakeholders.

Karin de Ruiter

Karin de Ruiter joined Lygature as Program manager in 2019 and is currently coordinating the Access subteam of the Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium. She holds a PhD in immunoparasitology and a MSc Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences. Her academic research focused on the immunomodulatory properties of parasitic helminths and the impact on the development of type 2 diabetes. For this collaborative project she spent 6 months in Indonesia to conduct a large immunoepidemiological field study on Flores Island, East Indonesia. Here she collaborated with a team of Indonesian medical doctors, researchers and fieldworkers and gained experience in clinical trial project management.